producer 100 % pure argan oil cosmetic oil natural organic

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100% Virgin Argan Oil Fresh and Direct From Morocco

Fabulous 1st Quality Oil For Hair, Skin, Cooking and much more!

USDA and FDA Approved!

For centuries the women of Morocco have been admired worldwide for their youthful faces and lush, rich hair that looks nice well into advanced age. Some explorers thought there must be a fountain of youth, but they soon discovered the secret to be an all natural oil coming from a local tree.

Thus the miracle of 100% all-natural and completely PURE virgin Argan Oil was conceived. It is now one of the most revered natural substances on Earth. Millions of people all over the world use Pure Argan Oil like that imported by Oriental Group.

We offer retail and wholesale Argan Oil products that represent the very finest from Morocco’s proud tradition. While most box store products contain only a few drops of Argan Oil, you can get just as much 100% PURE Argan Oil as you want here.

We also make Argan Oil into a long list of fabulous products for home, beauty, the kitchen and much more. See our many distillations of this miraculous oil on our PRODUCTS PAGE. There you can get formulations specifically for hair, nails, skin, cooking, and much more. And while Argan Oil is noted for its wonderful aroma, we even offer it in organic deodorized form.

Please shop our pages and indulge in our exceptional high quality Argan Oil products. We offer outstanding customer service and prompt shipping. Place your order now!

The company Oriental Group SARL exportes the highest-quality natural argan oil for food and cosmetic purpose, as well as products of oriental Hammam and care: argan oil, black soap, natural soap, Rasul, kassa glove, floral waters (rose, lavender, jasmine) … Only for professionals, we supply major retailers in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan,France, Spain ,Italy,  South Korea, Australia….etc. producer 100 % pure argan oil cosmetic oil natural organic

1- Certified 100 % Organic Argan oil .

2- Direct from Manufacturer in Morocco .fda

3- Expert in exporting Argan oil worlwide .

4-Cold pressed Argan oil / first quality

U.S. FDA Establishment ID: E1003913

Argan oil is an oil produced from the kernels of the Argan tree, endemic to Morocco. It is valued for its nutritive and cosmetic properties.

producer producer 100 % pure argan oil cosmetic oil natural organic

Bulk argan oil

Bulk argan oil

All our argan oil has been certified organic by IMC MA BIO 136 Controlled operator No. M0070 and meet this end, regulation standards of: (EC) No.834/2007, No889/2008 and US Nop / USDA Organic of the highest-quality natural argan oil 100% organic. It is sourced from the southern region of Morocco where the argan three grow naturally without human interference. producer 100 % pure argan oil cosmetic oil natural organic


producer 100 % pure argan oil cosmetic oil natural organic