About Us

Our Values


We at Oriental group treat our customers with respect and professionalism


the main goal of oriental group’s inventiveness is to meet demands of customers


Produit d’origine Marocaine est notre engagement, avec sincérité et dévouement.

Our commitments

Vertical integration

Oriental Group succeeded in guaranteeing the prodigious quality of its products by favoring the vertical integration of its productions.

Organic, everyday

Oriental group aim to satisfy the needs of the market, it is for this reason engaged in an organic agriculture, in the respect of the norms.

Compliance to standards

All our products are certified according to international standards.

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ORIENTAL GROUP, leader in the export of argan oil and natural cosmetics of Morocco

Our certifications

To offer you our organic products, Oriental Group uses three certification bodies : CCPB® and USDA® and FDA®

100% Pure Argan Oil

To book your argane offer, you must actively pursue the mentioned steps.