Health Benefits of Moroccan Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Moroccan Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Blue Tansy, commonly known as Moroccan blue chamomile is a herb grown mainly in the northern regions of Morocco. The leaves, flowers, and stem of this plant, upon distillation with steam produce a herbaceous and heavily scented essential oil, named the Moroccan blue tansy essential oil. The terpenes present in this oil gives it a rich, deep blue colour while its aroma makes it attractive to many people.
The Blue Tansy oil is nothing short of being beneficial for multiple diseases.  Here are a few common ways this oil helps you stay healthy:

Health Benefits of Moroccan Blue Tansy Essential Oil

An Organic cure for Wounds and Bruises
Its anti-inflammatory properties make it an exceptional way of speeding up the healing process and preventing any wound inflammation. Furthermore, its analgesic properties allow it to ease any pain. Because of its anti bacterial properties, the chances of a wound getting infected would also be nullified.

Endocrine System Stabilizer

Blue tansy essential oil can be used to stabilize the endocrine system, increasing the regulation of your hormones. This allows it to prevent endocrinal diseases.

Curative effects on Digestive Tract Disorders

Another application of the blue tansy essential oil lies in its ability to alleviate digestive tract disorders. It improves digestion, helps in curing dysentery, and reduces any digestive tract inflammation. It also kills pathogens and parasites present in the intestines, lowering the risk of any further diseases.

Fights Skin Infections

Due to the anti fungal properties possessed by the blue tansy essential oil, it is very effective against fungi that can lead to skin infections. Similarly, skin diseases like Dermatitis, Scabies, Eczema, Psoriasis, and Acne can also be cured by the proper use of this oil. Its moisturizing abilities help with dry, itchy and irritated skin. The blue tansy essential oil also contains all the essential nutrients required for healthy skin, consequently making your skin look fresh, glowing and smooth.

Soothes Sore Muscles and Sun Burns

The blue tansy essential oil soothes sore muscles and reduces the ache, decreasing the joint inflammation. Hence, it can also be considered as a method to soothe arthritic joints, relieving the patient of any pain. Its soothing abilities also make it a worthy treatment for sunburnt skin.

Enhances Mental Faculties

Along with physical diseases, this oil is also a noteworthy cure for many mental problems. It alleviates depression, anxiety, nervousness, and anger. Its aromatic nature boosts positivity in one’s mind, treats insomnia and helps with control impulsive disorder.
Eases Breathing anomalies and other Respiratory diseases
Asthma and Emphysema symptoms can be controlled by the use of blue tansy essential oil. It also helps fight against allergies due to the presence of antihistamines. Other curable diseases include Cough, Chicken Pox, Measles and Mumps, Ear Infections, etcetera.
Works Wonders as an insect Repellent and prevent Insect Bites
The Blue Tansy essential oil works as an excellent insect repellent. Nor does it only prevent insect bites, but it also treats existing bites by helping with the itching and inflammation.
Nature never ceases to amaze mankind. The blue tansy essential oil is one of the most obvious examples of this statement. What makes this oil stand out is how remarkably easy it is to include in your daily healthcare routine. Ranging from skin infections to anxiety, this natural medication has got it all covered.

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