Carrot Essential Oil naturel 100%

   Carrot Essential Oil naturel 100%

A raw Carrot Essential Oil naturel 100%  known for having multiple vitamins present in it. Instead of raw carrot, Carrot oil is made up of dried carrot seeds. The carrot seeds are infused in order to obtain carrot oil. Due to its pungent scent carrot oil is mixed with other essential oil, it is diluted before use. Carrot Essential Oil  helps in curing skin problems like skin erosion, dryness and increases hydration from within the skin.

BioProGreen Morrocco is a company specializing in the production and export of organic cosmetics like Argan oil, essentials and vegetable oils, black soap, natural soap, clay, kassa glove, floral water and many more. We export our products worldwide and sell in bulk, for the minimum order quantity of 1L per product and pack minimum 50 pieces order quantity.

We offer all types of packaging, Glass, Aluminum, Plastic and Handmade for 10ml/g. 30ml/g and 100ml/g containers. We also provide private labelling consulted by our design team in the company, which will help you create your own brand (with the minimum order of 100 pieces). And for the purchase of products above 200 pieces, we also provide a quantity discount.



Carrot oil is used to lightening and hydrating the skin. Due to the frequent weather change and dust in the wind, it affects our skin. Using carrot oil with body lotion will help you moisturize your skin.


Possible Side Effects

Carrot seed oil is generally considered safe if used externally.

How to use:

Since carrot oil has a pungent smell, you can mix 1-2 tablespoons of carrot oil in coconut oil and use it for massaging your skin. You can also add 2-3 tablespoons of carrot oil to your body lotion; make sure to mix well before using.  Furthermore, if you want to use it as a hair mask or hair oil, you can add 1-2 tablespoons of carrot oil in coconut oil or hibiscus hair oil, make sure that the oil blends in properly (add carrot oil while heating coconut oil).

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